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Carmel Cosmetics Labs, based in Agadir, is a leading cosmetics laboratory in Morocco, specializing in the creation of luxury cosmetics. With recognized expertise in Private Label and White Label solutions for export, it is renowned for the excellence and superior quality of its products.

Located in theAit Melloul industrial zone, nearAgadir, our cosmetics laboratory is
with a modern production facility and a focus on developing prestigious brands.
Our team of passionate professionals does everything in its power to offer you the best possible solutions.
innovative cosmetics. Carmel Cosmetics Labs is positioned as the cosmetics laboratory for
choice for those looking to create their own cosmetics brand in Morocco.

Our mission? Facilitate access to the industrial manufacture of quality cosmetics.
We offer an agile and efficient manufacturing tool for all creators wishing to turn their ideas into reality.
their dreams of brand creation.

300+ tones

Annual capacity

600 m²

plant area



Façade du laboratoire cosmétique Carmel Cosmetics Labs

A new approach to on-demand cosmetics

- A quick and easy process -



Step 1 to create your product line



Choose your ingredients, quantity and packaging style.



We design customized labels and boxes for your products.



Get your products and start selling

Carmel Cosmetics Labs

We have a dedicated creative team

We're storytellers. We can handle all aspects of primary and secondary packaging work: this includes not only design, but also copywriting/text on the packaging and the necessary marketing materials.

Mains présentant divers types de produits cosmétiques créés par notre laboratoire

About our cosmetics laboratory

Carmel Cosmetics Labs, as a leading cosmetics laboratory and factory, has earned the trust of hundreds of international brands who rely on our expertise to bring their vision to life.

Our team, made up of specialists and aficionados of the cosmetics sector, will support you throughout the development process of your white label or private label products, meeting your specific requirements.

We offer a wide choice of products and packaging options, enabling our customers to design their own unique product range, while guaranteeing cost-effectiveness, superior quality and manufacturing in Morocco. Carmel Cosmetics Labs is the ideal partner for the success of your project in the cosmetics industry.

The world's leading cosmetics laboratory

What we offer

As a cosmetics laboratory, we are proud to offer over 500 skin care, hair care and other formulas, all made with quality natural ingredients.

We ensure that our products meet not only your high standards, but also those of the European Commission.

At Carmel Cosmetics Labs, our cosmetics laboratory has structured our private label offerings to offer our customers extensive customization possibilities while minimizing start-up costs and turnaround times. This gives cosmetics brands realistic, fast and efficient access to the market.

selective focus a small organic plant, Beauty background, scientist is sampling a chemical extract from organic natural, research and develop background,

Safety, efficacy and natural, organic formulas are our priorities.

how we formulate

Our formulation policy

Our formulations are based on science, and we work with high-quality, effective ingredients to ensure a solid shelf life for your products and the safety of your customers.

We understand the importance of formulations that deliver visible results, combining the best of science and nature. We want your customers to love your products, which leads to repeat purchases and higher sales!

We work with the best that nature has to offer, using natural and organic ingredients wherever possible.

More about us



Our formulations are never tested on animals.



Most of our formulations are plant-based.


ISO 22716

Our plant is ISO 22716 GMP certified by BUREAU VERITAS, registered with the French Ministry of Health and authorized by the ONSSA.


Product lifetime

We formulate and test our products to ensure reliable shelf life.



Our products are made from sustainable raw materials.



We strive to make creating your own line accessible to everyone.

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Quality control

Our facilities are equipped with in-house quality control systems.

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Made in Morocco

Carmel Cosmetics Labs is a privately-owned company based in Agadir, Morocco.

Why make Carmel Cosmetics Labs your strategic ally?

why carmel cosmetics labs

Key benefits

  • Superior benefits : As an expert laboratory, we formulate top-of-the-range natural and organic products. We enable you to offer exceptional quality at competitive prices, optimizing your margins and profits.
  • Geographic expansion : We are your strategic partner in Morocco. With targeted expertise for Casablanca, Tangier, Fez, Marrakech and Rabat, we guide your regional expansion and the right positioning of your products.
  • Brand value : Collaborate with us and associate your brand with leading-edge expertise. We create a product line that enhances your customer prestige and increases the overall value of your company.
  • Sales increase : Our commitment extends to training your staff. We work closely with you, creating a passionate and knowledgeable team that drives your global sales.
  • Customer loyalty : With us as your partner, your products will be more than satisfactory. We help you formulate treatments that create a deep connection with your customers, fostering their loyalty to your brand.


Simple process, fast turnaround. Have your products delivered to your door in just a few weeks.



From design services to product training, we’re here to help you every step of the way.



With the industry’s lowest MOQ for products made in Morocco, you can now mark as few as 500 products.


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