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Our Brands are our Treasure

We pay special attention to creativity in every aspect of the brand.
At CARMEL COSMETICS LABS, we are innovators and take great pride in our ability to create high quality cosmetic products and stunning, eye-catching packaging. We strongly believe that the design of the packaging is just as important as the ingredients inside and that is what keeps our customers coming back to us. The CARMEL COSMETICS LABS brands you see are examples of how our team takes ideas and turns them into real products that customers love. Sublime Cosmetics, Evershine and Lalla Mama are just a few of the amazing cosmetic lines we have produced and with brands like these, your sales will explode. With so many different products on the market, we understand that any newcomer must have their own distinct identity to succeed and not get lost in the middle of the competition. We take this concept and run with it, stopping only when we find a winning combination of product and brand. CARMEL COSMETICS LABS brands represent uniqueness and truly memorable cosmetics that resonate with the public and achieve the commercial success you crave. Whatever your needs, we have the passion, experience and creative know-how to meet them on all fronts. At CARMEL COSMETICS LABS, we place a premium on creativity. We believe that our brands are our treasure. Sometimes the smallest detail can make all the difference. A specific color combination, a unique logo design, a playful packaging detail – these are all pillars of success for a new launch.

Private Label Cosmetics

Full Service Cosmetic Products manufacturing company, specialized in the creation of high end products.
At CARMEL COSMETICS LABS, we are a full-service, high-end cosmetics manufacturing company (ODM/OEM) specializing in the creation of high-end products. By using only safe and high quality ingredients, we are able to produce private label cosmetics that our customers can sell under their own brand. We are absolutely confident in the quality of what we produce, and everything we do is done to our exacting standards. We may not be the largest manufacturer in the industry, but we are very flexible and can handle the largest orders. Our 850 m2 factory in Ait Melloul, Morocco has the capacity to produce over one million units per month. Our state of the art GMP certified machines are capable of manufacturing large volumes to order. Our private label cosmetic programs are full service, which means we can handle the manufacturing of cosmetic products and create stunning labels and marketing materials. We offer a complete hands-off experience, so our customers only have to reap the rewards of selling the best cosmetics money can buy. We are constantly welcoming new private label cosmetic partners, all of whom benefit from our marketing and innovation skills. If you are interested in a full service private label cosmetics business for your retail business, we would love to hear from you. Send us a request via the button below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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