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Carmel Cosmetics Labs

We Have The Equipment, The Expertise, And The Ability To Produce Quality Stuff At Speed

We create premium products (from formulation till labelling) that will wow your customers so much... they will keep buying from you for decades to come. Here’s why skincare startup owners choose us over other labs:
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Help You Sell

We know what sells and what doesn’t. When you get in touch with us, we share our best selling products based on the audience you are going to target.
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Walk With You

... through every cost, so you are never blind-sided. You will know exactly how much profit you’ll generate before we even work together.
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Deliver Super Fast

Most cosmetic labs will take more than 90 days to ship you the goods. We can ship ours (based on what you choose) in 30 days or less. That includes…
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Perfect Before Produce

... sending you variations of chosen formulas until you are 110% satisfied with the texture, the scent (derived from essential oils), and the results.

We Have Everything You’d Expect From An International-Standard Cosmetics Lab


All The Right Certifications

Our laboratory is GMP and ISO Certified along with other intl. certifications you’d expect from a top-notch cosmetics factory.

All The Legal Regulations

We follow ALL the regulatory requirements (based on where you’re from) your brand will need to sell products to your customers.
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german Engineered equipment

German-Engineered Equipment

We use state-of-the-art machinery to make it absolutely sure we’re not affecting the quality and efficacy of our formulations by not using them.

You Will Wish You Found Us Earlier. Here’s Why You Will Want To Get In Touch With Us:

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Valuable Consultation

You won’t be hearing sales pitches when you get in touch with us. Just the answers you need to decide if we’re the ones you were looking for.
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Groundbreaking Formulations

Thanks to our expert pharmacists, we have 300+ vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free formulations backed by science that guarantee fast results.
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Batch Documentation

With full traceability for every product we produce. Because being transparent brings about trust. And our team takes pride in being one.
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Flexible Production

Order as few as 500 products for your first batch. And get unmatched scalability when you need it so you never have to go out of stock, ever.

Each product comes with a 3-year shelf life guarantee.

That means, if a batch goes bad before that for any reason whatsoever, we will send you a fresh batch free of cost. Zero hidden charges.

Here’s How It Works In 4 Simple Steps

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Talk To Our Expert

And come up with a hot-selling product line that your targeted audience needs. Zero sales pitch or hidden agendas guaranteed.
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Get Your Samples

And test pre-made samples of selected products. Experience the difference yourself before you decide to settle for less.
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Let Us Do The Work

From formula development, packaging design, labelling and everything in between. Give us a green light...
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Get Your Products

... and get your first batch delivered to your address in less than a week (or maybe even less depending upon your shipping details).

Claim Your FREE No-Strings-Attached Call

And let us show you what we bring to the table that others won’t.
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Before we send it...

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