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About Carmel Cosmetics Labs

Carmel Cosmetics Labs is a laboratory manufacturing cosmetic products on demand declared to the Directorate of Medicines and Pharmacy. Our state of the art cosmetics factory is located in Ait Melloul in the south of Morocco.

Our laboratory is certified by Bureau Veritas to the ISO 22716:2008 standard for Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices.

The GMP standard for "Good Manufacturing Practices" is a European certification attesting to the respect of good manufacturing practices. We thus provide the assurance of cosmetic products that are suitable for use and comply with all requirements in terms of safety, quality and effectiveness.

Our head office distribution center and our manufacturing plant are located in the region of Agadir in southern Morocco.

All our care products are manufactured, bottled and marked by us!

Our address : B1006 Zone industrielle Ait Melloul 86150 Morocco

We ship orders anywhere in the world.

About the Products

At Carmel Cosmetics Labs, we take care of the entire process of creating your cosmetic brand, including formulation, manufacturing, design, printing, labeling and packaging. If you choose our white label service, the process is simple:

Choose your products
Select your packaging
Receive our quote
To confirm your order, you proceed to the payment of an advance
You are then contacted by our studio to validate your design
Once your design is validated, your order is scheduled in our production planning
Once ready, you are contacted by the sales department to pay the balance and schedule delivery
You are delivered according to the instructions given to our account manager

We have developed and stabilized more than 300 market-ready product formulas. Our product range includes face, body and hair care products. We also offer certified organic vegetable oils, natural extracts and products for SPAs, Hammams, beauty centers and hotels.

You can consult our products on our catalog.

Our cosmetologists rely on scientific research, the enhancement of Morocco's natural heritage (2nd largest producer of medicinal and aromatic plants in the world) and expertise to offer formulas that meet the needs of end customers. Made of the highest quality ingredients, our clinical grade formulas are safe and effective.

Depending on your needs, we have paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, cruelty-free and vegan products. Our products are made from natural and organic ingredients.

It all depends on the size of your order, however, based on our manufacturing history, small and medium sized orders take about 2 to 3 weeks from design approval. The date of completion will be communicated to you upon validation of your design.

Water is a key ingredient in the manufacture of cosmetic products. For example, a skincare cream can contain 60-85% water, and sometimes as much as 90%. At Carmel Cosmetics Labs, we are committed to excellence. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with a double osmosis water demineralization, purification and sterilization system with a UVC filter and a daily control of the water conductivity. Thus, we guarantee the highest level of quality for your products.

Due to the increased demand from our customers, we are marketing a sample pack including 12 products of 10ml for 350 dh including shipping costs (national shipping only). This amount will be deducted from your order if you fulfill it. And of course, you are welcome to test the samples in our factory for free.

With Carmel Cosmetics Labs, you can create your first stock of 500 units of a cosmetic product with your own brand from only 10 000 DH HT. This price includes all our services: formulation, manufacturing, packaging, design, labeling and boxing.

We offer to all creators the possibility to start with a MOQ (minimum order quantity) of 500 units per reference.

For more information about our offerings, please consult our catalog or make an appointment with one of our sales managers.

Pricing is a brand choice. As a manufacturer, we do not provide individual product prices to retailers. While you may be selling the same formula, you may be selling to different target audiences.

You need to determine what is the best strategy to achieve the best profit margin. Our products are high-end and should be priced accordingly.

At Carmel Cosmetics Labs, ethics are at the heart of our processes. We automatically sign confidentiality agreements with clients who have industrial or intellectual property to protect.

The use of ingredients in our formulations goes through several steps that allow us to guarantee the best quality to your final customers, notably, the origin of the ingredients, their technical data sheets, their safety data sheets, the challenge tests, the stability tests, etc... We cannot automatically accept these ingredients and they are subject to a special analysis by our R&D team on a case by case basis.

About our Packaging Solutions

We offer different styles of high-end and mid-range packaging in recyclable plastic or glass. Depending on the models chosen and availability, you can have capacities, colors and finishes adapted to your brand positioning.

You can choose your packaging from our catalog.

Of course, if you have opted for a personalized packaging solution, we invite you to have us deliver your packaging for the packaging of your products. It should be noted that we automatically sterilize the packaging with our machines. We also recommend to all our customers who wish to opt for their own packaging to provide the migration tests and food safety certificate of their packaging as well as their technical data sheets to guarantee a higher level of quality.

The choice of packaging on the Moroccan market remains limited compared to the aspirations of cosmetic entrepreneurs, we always call on our suppliers to diversify their catalogs to always offer novelties to our customers. Nevertheless, we can propose to our experienced customers the importation of unique packagings with a close accompaniment. This procedure can take a longer time and a bigger budget, that's why we recommend to our novice customers to position themselves on packaging tested on their target markets.

Yes, we can offer secondary packaging services to our customers including plastic wrapping option.

About our Design offering

We know that everyone creates differently. That's why we accept a wide variety of file formats: For logos, we recommend .PNG files with a transparent background, but we also accept .SVG files. For images, please send us high-resolution images.

For completed label designs, please send us .PDF files with all fonts used on your labels and embed all images. We also accept . Ai.

About Regulation and Compliance

The registration of your brand is essential with the agency of protection of the intellectual and industrial property in the country where your brand will be marketed (the OMPIC in Morocco). We disclaim all responsibility in case of trademark infringement by our clients or in case of rejection of their products in the destination markets.

The simple answer is No, you do not have any obligation to create a company for the creation of cosmetic products, you can create a cosmetic brand as a natural person, association, GIE, etc... Nevertheless, we recommend to our customers who have a perspective of professionalization and export in the field to proceed to the creation of their company of marketing and distribution of cosmetic products

Our laboratory is declared as a manufacturing laboratory to the Directorate of Medicines and Pharmacy in Morocco and certified ISO 22716:2008 by the Bureau Veritas to the Good Manufacturing Practices cosmetic (GMP). All our products are subject to certificates of analysis, reports endorsed by toxicologists and deposits with the Anti Poison and Pharmacovigilance Center in Morocco (CAPM) in charge of cosmetovigilance and DMP.

Cosmetics are not registered with the FDA, but the FDA regulates cosmetics and their labeling. Claims to affect/modify the structure of the skin, hair or body are considered drug claims by the FDA. Any product with these claims will be considered an unapproved drug, and the sale of unapproved drugs is illegal. In addition, our laboratory is registered with the FDA under the voluntary registration program.

Yes, you can sell on Amazon. They will ask for this documentation. We have Certificates of Analysis (CoA) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for your products that we can provide.

We always refer to the CAPM in charge of cosmetovigilance in Morocco in our labeling, in addition you should always check the following points with your customers:

Combination - Using inappropriate products together can cause irritation or rashes, for example, vitamin A and vitamin C.
Diet - Too much sugar, gluten and dairy can cause rashes or flare-ups.
Too many products - It's not a good idea to incorporate too many new products into a routine. Instead, try to use one new product per month to avoid irritation. Give your skin cell turnover a full cycle to adjust.
Allergy - Unknown allergy among ingredients. Always test products before use and check the INCI list on the labels. If burning or itching occurs, discontinue use. A slight tingling sensation is normal for some ingredients.
Application - When and how you apply formulas makes all the difference, such as not rinsing a cleanser completely or using a vitamin A during the day. Always check with your customers on how they apply products, and in what order.

We make every effort to ensure that your products and their labels comply with all applicable requirements and regulations in the country in which they are marketed.

With respect to the label or product descriptions, we cannot claim that the product/formula makes a physical change to the skin, hair or body or that it affects the structure or function of the skin, hair or body (this would be a drug claim). We can only claim that it alters the appearance of the skin and that the products are intended to cleanse, beautify, promote attractiveness or alter appearance (since these are cosmetic claims).

Our label requirements:

Product name
Amount of filling
Directions for use
Distribution Information
Company or personal name
City, State and Postal Code
Email, website or phone number
Ingredients (if not listed on your outer box)

All labels must be printed in the official language of the country where they are marketed.

About your Order

All orders are confirmed upon receipt of a bank transfer or payment of 70% of the total amount of the order to the bank account of Carmel Cosmetics Labs. For orders under 5000 Dhs, we accept cash payment. However, due to several problems in the past, we no longer accept checks.

Once the order is ready, the remaining 30% is also paid by bank transfer, deposit or cash before the delivery of your products. Each order is the subject of a commercial invoice edited and transmitted with the products at the request of the customer.

Of course! At Carmel Cosmetics Labs, 80% of our customers work in the Middle East, Europe and America.

Yes, we have the possibility to deliver anywhere in the world, however we do not take care of the delivery ourselves but we work with partners who are experts in national and international delivery.

The management of transit and customs remains the responsibility of the customer, however, we can on a case-by-case basis offer support where possible.

Don't worry. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Carmel Cosmetics Labs' culture. Please contact your order manager as soon as possible and send an e-mail complaint to contact@carmelcos.com

We will process your request as soon as possible.

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