Create your cosmetic brand in less than 30 days

Start creating your own cosmetic brand and products today with the support of top specialists to build a profitable business and achieve impressive results.

Professional formulations.
Natural and cruelty-free ingredients.​
ISO certified pharma grade plant.
Full production service.
Unlimited customization options.
Carmel Cosmetics Labs
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Launch your own cosmetic brand in less than 30 days.

Start creating your own cosmetic products today with the support of the best specialists to build a profitable business and get impressive results.

Why create your cosmetic brand today?

Increase your income

By selling your own branded products, you have the potential to generate more revenue from your target customers. This can be especially profitable if you have a large, engaged audience that wants to buy the products you are promoting.

Build a sustainable project

By creating your own cosmetics brand, you can create a long-term sustainable business that has the ability to grow and develop over time. It can provide you with a stable and lucrative source of income

Be creative and authentic

Working with Carmel Cosmetics Labs gives you greater control over the product development process. This can help you create products that match your personal brand and meet the specific needs of your audience.

We have the equipment the experience the capacity   to quickly produce high quality products

We make exceptional products (from formulation to delivery) that will impress your customers... and that they will continue to buy from you for decades.

Carmel Cosmetics Labs in Figures

Professional formulations
+ 1
Potential gross margins
+ 1 %
Maximum delivery time
< 1 days
Sales generated by our customers
$ 1 millions+

Here is why cosmetic brands choose us over other laboratories

Worldwide delivery

We deliver to our customers on all five continents by air, sea and land. we work with the world's best carriers to provide you with affordable and reliable delivery.

Designers specialized in packaging

We put at your disposal a creative team that masters the technical and regulatory aspects of cosmetic packaging.

Price defying all competition

You won't find prices as competitive as ours even in China. Being based in Morocco, we have a major competitive advantage in sourcing raw materials at the best prices.

Full service

Our production service includes: formulation, manufacturing, packaging design, label and box design, regulatory compliance, delivery and most importantly a responsive customer service throughout the process

Tailor-made packages for you

If you have not found your happiness in our catalog. Our formulating chemists will offer you formulas specially adapted to your needs.

Wide choice of packaging

We offer more than 10,000 references of packaging in plastic, glass, acrylic, aluminum, paper etc... in all sizes and colors. Limit is the sky

Products in compliance with regulations

Don't panic! We will guide you step by step to ensure the regulatory compliance (Product Information File) of your product in its country of marketing.

Minimum quantity in range

The agility of our production tool allows us to manufacture small, medium and large quantities. We can accompany brands from the early stages to maturity.


Here's how it works

Certification Carmel Cosmetics Labs
Step 1
Talk to our experts

They will provide you with a set of products that sell well and that your target audience needs. No hidden sales pitch or agenda.

Sample Box - Carmel Cosmetics Labs
Step 2
Request your samples

And test pre-made samples of selected products. See the difference for yourself before you decide to take it to the next level.

Carmel Cosmetics Labs
Step 3
We take care of the whole process

From formula development to packaging design to labeling and everything in between. Give us the green light

Step 4
Receive your products with your brand

...have your first batch delivered to your address in less than a month (or maybe even less depending on your shipping details).

Create products in line with your values and those of your customers

Customize your products without limits

Natural ingredients
1 +
Packaging options
1 +
Fragrance options
1 +

What are the right product choices for your cosmetic brand?

Each product can benefit from a preservation guarantee of up to 3 years.

Some of our Success Stories

Ask for your free consultation with one of our experts

Fill out the form and let's work together to develop your business

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Your needs are our expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

The distribution center and manufacturing plant are located in our main office in the Agadir region of southern Morocco. Where all our products are manufactured, packaged and branded!

Our address: Zone Industrielle B1006 Ait Melloul 86150 Morocco

We ship orders all over the world.

The price is the choice of the brand. As a manufacturer, we do not offer individual product prices to retailers. Even if you sell the same formula, you can reach different target audiences.

You need to determine the best strategy to get the best profit margin.

Of course, if you choose a customized packaging solution, we invite you to entrust us with the delivery of your packaging for your products. Please note that we automatically sterilize the packages with our machines. We also recommend that all of our customers who wish to self-select their packaging provide migration tests and a food safety certificate for their packaging in addition to their technical data sheets to ensure a higher level of quality.

At Carmel Cosmetics Labs, ethics are at the heart of our strategy. We automatically sign confidentiality agreements with clients who have industrial or intellectual property to protect them.

We know that everyone creates differently. That’s why we accept a variety of file formats: for logos, we recommend papua new guinea with transparent background, But we also accept. for photos, please send us high resolution photos.

For completed poster designs, please send us. PDF containing all the fonts used on your posters and incorporating all the images. We also accept.

for method notions, and sending servers. We also accept files. Ai.

Ready to start your cosmetic project?

Ready to start your cosmetic project?

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