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No one knows your customers better than you do. Let your creativity and our expertise guide you to offer them the ultimate care.

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We offer you:

Why launch your cosmetic brand today?

Boost your margins

By selling your own branded products, you have the opportunity to generate more revenue from your social media audience. This can be especially lucrative if you have a large, engaged audience that is interested in purchasing the products you are promoting.

Create a stable long-term business

By creating your own beauty brand, you can create a long-term, sustainable business that has the potential to grow and develop over time. This can provide you with a stable and lucrative revenue stream that is not dependent on the ever-changing social media landscape.

Be authentic

Working with Carmel Cosmetics Labs gives you greater control over the product development process. This can help you create products that match your personal brand and meet the specific needs of your audience.

We have everything you would expect from a world-class cosmetic laboratory

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All necessary certifications

Our laboratory is GMP and ISO 22716 certified, as well as other international certifications that you would expect from a first-class cosmetics factory.
Carmel Cosmetics Labs certification

All legal regulations

We follow ALL the regulatory requirements (depending on your country of origin) that your brand will need to sell products to your customers.
german Engineered equipment

German engineering equipment

We use state of the art German technology machines to make absolutely sure that the quality and effectiveness of our formulations are not affected.


GMP Certified - Carmel Cosmetics Labs
GMP Certified - Carmel Cosmetics Labs
GMP Certified - Carmel Cosmetics Labs

Here's how it works

Carmel Cosmetics Labs certification

1. Talk to our Experts

And you offer a range of products that sell well and that your target audience needs. No sales pitch or hidden agenda guaranteed.
Sample Box - Carmel Cosmetics Labs

2. Order your samples

And test pre-made samples of selected products. See the difference for yourself before you decide to settle for less.
Carmel Cosmetics Labs certification

3. We take care of the whole process

From formula development to packaging design, labeling and everything in between. Give us the green light...
Get your Product - Carmel Cosmetics Labs

4. Receive your Cosmetic Brand

... and get your first batch delivered to your address in less than a week (or maybe even less, depending on your shipping details).

Create products that reflect your values and those of your community


Do you have a preference for active ingredients? We can adapt the formulation to your needs.


There is no limit to the expression of creativity! The label is the best way to put an authentic touch on the product

Carmel Products Mockups


With over 10,000 packaging options available (sizes, colors, materials, etc.), let your imagination run wild!


We have a library of a hundred perfumes! Express yourself by giving your product your personality.

Customize your products without limits

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Natural Ingredients
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Packaging Options
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Fragrance Options

Which product selection suits your cosmetic brand?

Each product has a shelf life guarantee of up to 3 years.

This means that if a lot deteriorates before this date for any reason, we will send you a new lot for free. No hidden fees.

They succeeded and they talk about it

Request your FREE consultation with one of our experts

And benefit from a tailor-made support to bring your project to life
  Take advantage of a 10% discount discount on your first order with the code: WELCOME10.


Frequently asked questions and answers

Our headquarters distribution center and manufacturing plant are located in the Agadir region of southern Morocco.

Our address : B1006 Zone industrielle Ait Melloul 86150 Morocco

We ship orders worldwide.

Pricing is a brand choice. As the manufacturer, we do not provide individual product prices to retailers. Even if you are selling the same package, you can address different target audiences.

You need to determine the best strategy to get the best profit margin. Our products are high-end and should be priced accordingly.

Of course, if you have opted for a customized packaging solution, we invite you to entrust us with the delivery of your packaging for the packaging of your products. Please note that we automatically sterilize the packages with our machines. We also recommend that all our customers who wish to opt for their own packaging provide the migration tests and food safety certificate of their packaging as well as their technical data sheets in order to guarantee a high level of quality.

At Carmel Cosmetics Labs, ethics are at the heart of our processes. We automatically sign confidentiality agreements with clients who have industrial or intellectual property to protect.

We know that everyone creates differently. That’s why we accept a wide variety of file formats: For logos, we recommend .PNG files with a transparent background, but we also accept .SVG files. For images, please send us high-resolution images.

For completed label designs, please send us .PDF files containing all fonts used on your labels and incorporating all images. We also accept . Ai files.

Customer Service

Before we send it...

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