When do we perform stability testing?

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Simply described, stability testing is an experiment in which we make a batch of your formula and place samples of it in various environments for a predetermined amount of time. These settings, which differ in temperature and brightness, are designed to mimic what would happen to the product throughout the course of its life.

We check your samples periodically to see if any physical, chemical, and performance parameters have altered. Your formula is deemed to have “passed” stability testing if the changes are considered minor by the norms of your business. This means that you can be sure that the recipe will be just as effective when it is sent to retailers and ultimately consumers.

The fundamental premise behind stability testing is that any aging responses will occur more quickly as the storage temperature rises. According to a helpful rule of thumb, a sample kept at 45C for 8 weeks is similar to one kept at room temperature for a year. Although not a perfect forecast, this works well enough for cosmetic items.

Here is a quick outline of some of the most crucial scenarios in which we do a stability test:

New prototypes – After we are happy with how a new recipe works, we will test its stability to make sure it will stay together.

New raw materials — A stability test must be performed if a formula’s aroma, color, or other raw materials need to be changed to ensure that there are no unacceptably large changes. Additionally, we conduct a test whenever we have a new raw material source (or supplier).

New production technique – Manufacturing is constantly looking for quicker ways to produce formulations. This usually means they lessen the mixing time or alter the order of some additions. Every time one of these changes occurs, it can have an impact on your formula.

New packaging – Cosmetic items undergo an almost yearly change in appearance, therefore packaging is continuously being updated. We must check the formula’s compatibility every time we receive a new type of packaging. Testing for stability contributes to ensuring this.


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