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Start creating your cosmetics today, with the support of the best specialists in our cosmetics laboratory, to build a profitable business with impressive results.
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Our cosmetics laboratory has the equipment the experience the capacity   to quickly produce high quality products

Our cosmetics laboratory produces exceptional products, from formulation to delivery, that will seduce your customers and win their loyalty for decades to come.

Here's why cosmetics brands choose us over other laboratories

We'll deliver your cosmetics wherever you are

We deliver to our customers on all five continents by air, sea and land. our cosmetics laboratory works with the world's best carriers to offer you affordable, reliable delivery.

We'll provide you with specialized packaging designers

Our cosmetics laboratory can provide you with a creative team that masters the technical and regulatory aspects of cosmetics packaging.

We'll offer you prices that defy all competition

You won't find prices as competitive as ours even in China. As our cosmetics factory is based in Morocco, with branches in France, the UK and the USA, we have a major competitive advantage in sourcing raw materials at the best prices.

We offer you a complete production service

Our cosmetics laboratory's production services include: formulation, manufacturing, cosmetics packaging, label and box design, regulatory compliance, delivery and, above all, responsive customer service throughout the entire process.

We'll prepare tailor-made cosmetic formulations for you

If you have not found your happiness in our catalog. Our cosmetic chemists will propose formulas specially adapted to your needs.

We'll find the ideal packaging for you

Thanks to solid partnerships with cosmetics packaging factories, our cosmetics laboratory offers over 10,000 references for cosmetics packaging in plastic, glass, acrylic, aluminum, paper, etc., in all sizes and colors. Limit is the sky!

We'll help you achieve regulatory compliance

No need to panic! Our cosmetics laboratory teams will guide you step by step to ensure regulatory compliance with the Product Information File, mandatory testing of your product in the country where it is marketed, CPNP notifications, Responsible Person...

We offer you the best MOQs on the market

The agility of our cosmetics laboratory's production facilities enables us to manufacture small, medium and large quantities. We can support brands from the earliest stages through to maturity.

Certifications from our cosmetics laboratory

Here's how it works

laboratoire cosmétique au Maroc
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Parlez aux experts de notre laboratoire cosmétique

Nous assurons la cohérence de votre projet et validons conjointement chaque critère de votre cahier des charges pour garantir la qualité de vos produits.

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Validez les échantillons de vos produits cosmétiques

Après validation du cahier des charges initial, nous vous enverrons des échantillons. Testez chaque aspect du produit avant de franchir la prochaine étape.

Carmel Cosmetics Labs
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Notre laboratoire cosmétique s'occupe de tout le processus

Du développement de la formule au choix de l'emballage en passant par l'étiquetage et tout le reste. Donnez nous le feu vert à chaque étape!

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Recevez vos produits avec votre marque

Profitez de notre service de livraison flexible et fiable pour recevoir votre sélection de produits cosmétiques directement à l'adresse de votre préférence, garantissant ainsi une expérience client optimale et adaptée à vos besoins.

White Label Cosmetics: Your Vision, Our Realisation

At Carmel Cosmetics Labs, we specialize in the creation of white-label and private-label cosmetics, suitable for any scale, small or large. Located in Morocco, we are also suppliers of high-quality cosmetic raw materials. Our services include custom formulation, design, production and regulatory compliance. With us, turning your ideas into finished products has never been easier. We offer you the possibility of fully customizing your products, from formulation to packaging. Your success is our priority, and we're committed to providing reliable, high-quality turnkey solutions to build your cosmetics brand.

Why create your own cosmetics brand today?

Increase your income

By selling your own branded products, you have the potential to generate more revenue from your target customers. This can be especially profitable if you have a large, engaged audience that wants to buy the products you are promoting.

Build a sustainable project

By creating your own cosmetics brand, you can create a long-term sustainable business that has the ability to grow and develop over time. It can provide you with a stable and lucrative source of income

Be creative and authentic

Working with Carmel Cosmetics Labs gives you greater control over the product development process. This can help you create products that match your personal brand and meet the specific needs of your audience.

What are the right product choices for your cosmetic brand?

They succeeded and they talk about it

Ask for your free consultation with one of our cosmetics laboratory experts

Fill in the form and let's work together to develop your cosmetics brand.

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Your needs are our expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

A white label is a product or service manufactured by a cosmetics laboratory and sold under the name of another company which markets it under its own brand. It’s a way for a company to offer products to its customers without having to produce them itself.

Our cosmetics laboratory can manufacture a wide range of cosmetic products, including creams, lotions, gels, serums, masks, bath and shower products, and much more. We can also create customized formulations to suit your specific needs.

The advantages of choosing a white label for your cosmetics are numerous, not least the ability to offer high-quality products without having to invest in the research and development of complex formulas. This also reduces production and marketing costs.

Yes, all our white-label products scrupulously comply with the regulations in force in Morocco and in the international markets we serve. We work closely with certified laboratories to ensure that every product complies with quality and safety standards. Before being put on the market, our products undergo rigorous testing and meet all legal requirements in terms of formulation, labelling and packaging. Our commitment is to provide high quality, safe and legally compliant products for our white label customers.

To create your own white cosmetics brand in Morocco, put your trust in our industry-leading cosmetics laboratory: we’re here to support you from A to Z. We start with an in-depth consultation to understand your needs and objectives. Then we help you select and customize products from our wide range of high-quality formulas. We can also design and produce packaging to your image. Our team of experts takes care of all the regulatory steps, including the necessary testing and certification. Finally, we advise you on the best marketing and distribution strategies to ensure your brand’s success. With us, creating your white cosmetics brand in Morocco is a simple, transparent process, fully supported by industry professionals.

Thanks to our well-established and optimized processes, our cosmetics laboratory is able to launch your white label cosmetics very quickly without compromising quality. From the moment your project is validated, our experienced team is on hand to initiate every stage of the creation process. We use proven formulas, state-of-the-art production methods and rigorous quality control to guarantee top-quality products. In general, we can have your brand ready for market launch in a very competitive timeframe. We understand the importance of speed in today’s business world, and we’re committed to delivering your white label on time, without sacrificing the exceptional quality for which we’re renowned.

Ready to start your cosmetic project?

Ready to start your cosmetic project?

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